Friday, April 01, 2005

Eat at Firefly

Last night we were at the Farmer's Market and decided to try some tapas at Firefly. It was a little after six, and the restaurant was not crowded so we were able to sit down without reservations. We waited for ten or fifteen minutes before anyone helped us; it turns out that our server thought someone else had already helped us. (It's amazing how much a simple and sincere "I'm sorry" can make a difference when you feel like you've been overlooked.) She actually turned out to be very helpful. We tried the Carmelized Feta Bruschetta and Chicken Salad tapas, as well as the Southern Fried Calamari. My favorite was the calamari, which was tender and spicy and not rubbery like a lot of calamari I've had. The carmelized feta didn't particularly stand out, but I did think the chicken salad was a savory twist on the traditional salad. I'm sure that the menu has many other culinary delights to discover, but it was the atmosphere of Firefly's under-the-tent, dining-at-dusk experience that makes it a special place.

Tip: There is a woman at the Farmer's Market who sells lettuce and herbs that are grown hydroponically. Try the butter lettuce. As its name indicates, it has an almost creamy texture. Because the lettuce is grown in water, when you get home you can put the lettuce in a bowl with some water at the bottom and it will continue to grow while it's in the refrigerator. And it's only two dollars a head.


Blogger marielle said...

I hear that brunch is the thing to get at Firefly - I'm planning to check it out soon to celebrate the end of spring semester.

Been wondering about their Thursday tapas, though - seems like a nice way to sample their cooking style without committing to dinner.

10:23 AM  

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