Thursday, April 21, 2005

Paramedics Carry Off Man from Mission Gold Line Stop

This morning when I arrived at the Mission Gold Line stop I saw an ambulance (and a fire truck, too, I think) driving up to the stop. As I walked onto the platform I saw that there were firemen, LA County Sheriffs and a South Pasadena policeman crowded around a man sitting on a bench. I initially had a hard time seeing the man on the bench because of the workers crowded around him. One of the paramedics had an instrument that looked like an insulin tube--but I couldn't see it clearly enough to say what is was for sure. (And even if I saw it up close, I'm not sure I would have known what it was.) The man did not look like he was homeless; he was grey-haired, clean-shaven and had on a shirt and a sweater over it. Although he didn't seem to be antagonistic toward the rescue workers, the paramedics did secure him to a special seat that they used to carry him off the platform. When they were trying to get him in the chair, he flung his arms a bit. I thought maybe he was epileptic. The thought that he might be on drugs also crossed my mind because of the look in his eyes and his slight legs, but I, of course, have no way of knowing that.


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