Monday, April 11, 2005

A Promised Story

I returned from my trip to Colorado Springs on Friday and will hopefully return to my normal posting schedule.

As promised, here is Thena's story about meeting the man who has been protesting South Pasadena police in front of City Hall. I would like to note that I have no intention of editorializing on the subject or making any presumptions about the man or the police officers. Although I reserve the right to editorialize on any given subject in the future, this website is primarily dedicated to being a place for people who live in or near South Pasadena to intersect and not to being a forum for my own personal views. (I have another blog for that.) Without further ado, here's Thena's story:
I went to City Hall for an overnight parking permit. When I walked back out to my car, there was a middle-aged man standing there with a large sign that said something like Deviant Behavior by South Pasadena Police Department. I stopped and asked him what had happened to him that warranted such extreme measures. He proceeded to tell me of how he had filed a perjury suit against the South Pasadena police. Because they apparently didn't like this, they had retaliated by having him followed at random times, and stopping him to harass him on no legitimate grounds. On one such occasion, he was at a restaurant and an officer began to pester him by aggressively questioning him. So he decided to take a picture of the officer to document the incident. In a moment of anger, the cop allegedly grabbed the camera from his hands, ripped the film out of it, and threw it against a counter in the restaurant. The camera broke and the policemen present left. The protester claims that when he acquired the police report of the said incident that the name of the officer who had broken his camera was omitted from the report and another officer's name--who the protester alleges was not present at the time--was inserted instead.


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