Wednesday, June 21, 2006

That's So Last Century

Did you know that in 1908 pool halls were outlawed in South Pasadena? In fact, a resident submitted a complaint against the law that went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Now there's someone who loves his billiards.

Here's a passage from the decision linked to above:

In 1908 the city of South Pasadena, California, in pursuance of police power conferred by general law, passed an ordinance which prohibited any person from keeping or maintaining any hall or room in which billiard or pool tables were kept for hire or public use, provided it should not be construed to prevent the proprietor of a hotel using a general register for guests, and having twenty-five bedrooms and upwards, from maintaining billiard tables for the use of regular guests only of such hotel, in a room provided for that purpose.


Blogger jadis said...


i love pool, if anyone locally is interested in going, hit me up. apparently i moved here right after Q's in pas shut down. too bad! jake's is kinda pricey... =/

11:43 PM  

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