Monday, October 09, 2006

Honk if You Want People to Stop Honking

Somehow I missed this post over at I like his style.

Even if there is merit to what is being protested by the protesters who show up at the corner of Fair Oaks and Mission and at the South Pas Farmer's Market, I have to wonder how honking furthers any cause. Honking, as far as I know, does not cause anyone to speak out against injustice or to go out and vote or to care for those who are neglected.

Wild Oats has put up a sign near the entrance walkway at their Pasadena store letting customers know that they do not endorse solicitors. It also encourages people not to give donations to solicitors. I have no problem with someone who is respectful and courteous collecting donations or signatures, but I do have a problem with being badgered. I was actually at Wild Oats when the guy who, according to one of the store managers, was the cause of the sign being put up was present. And he was rude to us when we told him we weren't interested. He has also been pushy and rude with my wife and me at the Farmer's Market.

It seems to me that these people actually hinder people who legitimately want to protest something in a way that is non-confrontational and respectful of other people's opinions.

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