Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Sirens in the Distance (and Moving Away?)

Thank you, anonymous, for the tip and gentle kick in the pants.

I haven't kept a real close eye on this story, but I have heard the issue of outsourcing the police force raised before. I'm not sure what the likelihood is that this will actually happen. I know that most of the community is against it; I can understand the frustration of the officers with the fact that they can't live in the community. However, that describes the majority of people living in Los Angeles. I also understand the concerns of residents about having the community patrolled by LAPD officers (sharing those concerns myself). However, I am not a homeowner, so I wouldn't be hit by any tax raise in order to compensate police officers at a higher rate.

To completely change the subject, would anyone like a username to post to South Pas Blogs? I really did not want this blog to be a personal forum, and I would love to hear any suggestions for making the site a better facilitator of community discussion and participation.


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